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Questions you should ask while selecting the right preschool..


Questions you should ask while selecting the right preschool.

About Staff

  • Do teachers communicate with parents about their child's progress?
  • Do teachers encourage children's manners and other good behaviours?
  • Do teachers appear to be lively and interact in a positive manner with children?
  • Do teachers involve children in daily learning activities?
  • What is the student-teacher ratio?

About Safety

  • Does the preschool appear orderly and clean?
  • Are outdoor play areas safely matted and fenced?
  • Are there age-appropriate toys in the classrooms?
  • Are the security measures in place?

About Children

  • Do the children follow a consistent routine that they can understand?
  • Is the day carefully planned for your child?
  • Do the children appear occupied and happy?
  • Would the child learn new things everyday at this programme?
  • Does the child enjoy going to school everyday?

Other Questions to Consider:

  • Are scientific and modern teaching methods adopted?
  • Is the quality of curriculum satisfactory?
  • What training do the teachers have?