Hi,We are parents of Nishta Pradeep, who has been studying at Treehouse Kalina since Sep 2013. We wanted to share our thoughts on our experience with Treehouse Kalina. In a short word, the experience has been extraordinarily good.
The teachers here, Ms Sarah, Ms Shrimukhi, Ms Mansi and Ms Zara genuinely enjoy teaching and being with kids. That shows very clearly in the way they go about teaching and dealing with the kids who come there. They let the child live every moment of their childhood. For someone who comes from the traditional method of teaching, watching the children move all around the class or sit on the teacher’s lap while the teaching is going on, could be a bit wary. But we have seen the wonderful results it has on the children. The play school is now virtually a second home for our daughter. She prefers to go to Treehouse on Saturday/Sunday’s as well rather than being at home! The second point we wanted to make is on the teaching methods adopted. The teachers use play-way method of teaching which has unfathomable results on the child. We enrolled our daughter when she was 1.5 yrs and was hardly speaking mono-syllable words. But within 3 months she started speaking complete meaningful sentences. She would enact every rhyme and most of all respond appropriately to situations.There is a lot of work being done to help kids conceptually understand various things rather than just memorizing. The teachers work hard to make pictorial charts (of animals, fruits and festival representations) and hang them in the class and let the child digest those concepts through a period of 2-3 weeks where they learn it to perfection. A special mention to the center head Ms Sarah Lokhandwala. She had taken control from the previous center head and she, along with her Senior teachers, has turned around things very positively. She comes with a rich teaching background. Every PTM is such a great experience as she would sit with the class teacher and appraise the development cycle of the child. The focus would be more on wholesome learning and overall development. We as parents have fallen back on Sarah and Shrimukhi for advice for correcting the behavior of our child without the fear of being judged. A special thanks and gratitude to Shrimukhi who always thinks the best of each child. The way she takes care of every child’s well being beyond all demands is very humbling. No wonder every child craves so much for the stars and smiley face from her. PARENTS’ TESTIMONIALS We have seen our daughter grow from a whining child on the first day in playgroup to now where she insists visiting her teachers even on Saturdays. We would like to thank all the teachers (Shrimukhi, Zara, Mansi and others) who along with Sarah have created conducive atmosphere for a model Playgroup setup. Thank you Tree house for giving us the right avenue to build good memories and focused parenting! We hope Tree house wings out PAN India and touch lives of many more children. All The Best Treehouse!
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PARENTS' TESTIMONIALSMrs & Mr Pradeep Raghunathan
Ever since you took over the helm of the affairs of your Mulund (East) branch, I see perceptible change both in the attitude of your collegues and the students. My grandchildren need not be carried to the class anymore. 
They enjoy playhouse and don’t make any fuss to go to school. Documenting the event RESTAURENT held on 24th Nov. 2013 with photos and taking pains to mail the photos to each parent is credit worthy and reflects on your involvement with the kids. I have no words to express my happiness and gratitude to your alert staff who today detected a worm in the lunch box of Rishi. Promptly the contents were thrown. You were kind enough to inform me over phone and ensured that my grand children are not starved by providing them some eats.. Needless to say I have given necessary instruction at home to be more careful in future. Unfortunately, I dont have the mail address of your Managing Director to convey the alertness exhibited by your staff. You may convey the same to your controlling office. I wish you and all the teachers of your Mulund (East) branch every thing best in life.
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PARENTS' TESTIMONIALSGrand Father of Rishi and Naishaa.
Dear Mr. Bhatia, I am a proud mother of Jacob and Thomas Korah, students of Tree House Play school, Malwani, Malad. My elder son Jacob has been a member since he was two and a half, in 2010. Recently, we were surprised by a sudden transfer to Pune. 
It took us aback and it being the beginning of the School year, I rushed to Pune to check out schools. I preferred to go to pre schools as my elder kid is going into UKG and the younger one into LKG. To cut a long story short, I visited around five well known preschools in the Baner Balewadi area. I have come to a conclusion that NO preschool offers the type of well -rounded curriculum content that Tree House offers its students. Most parents seem to be taken in by external factors and other elements but I was more concerned with how productive a curriculum my kids would be offered. I have gotten used to the excellent work books and facilities that Tree House offers its inmates and was dismayed at how little other nurseries offer. Even the kit which a very prominent school was much less in content as well as how much a preschooler would enjoy and benefit from the activities. This is a letter I am writing totally in appreciation of the work you have put in till now in bringing up Tree House to its present reputation and standard. I am myself qualified in preschool education and administration so I know the requirements of the particular ages. Now a mother myself, I am SO happy with what my kids have received till now from the branch we have been going to. I just had to write to register my appreciation. I have come to the decision of putting my children into the new branch of Tree House High School,in Pashan Sus, Pune. Though new, I have no doubts that my kids will be well taken care of and people who know what they are about, are dealing with the running of the school.”   “God Bless you and further prosper you in moulding our nation’s future citizens”.
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We were apprehensive of sending our daughter to any playgroup at a young age of 3 years and thought it would be a significant burden on the child to begin with. Having said so, we registered her at Tree House (Wadala Branch) primarily due to the fact that this is closest to our house.
It has a high reputation in terms of teaching. Well, we were not disappointed at all. A lot of its social gatherings, ability, and patience of teachers and last but not the least helpers (aayaas) have brought in tremendous change in my daughter. She has demonstrated excellent positive skills, liking to do things creatively, being social and participatory in events and at personal functions too. Significant change is – being a team player and not being shy, which has helped her secure admission in one of the best schools of the town. Every teacher dedicates their time to each and every child which was quite evident during annual day functions, fancy dress, parent-teacher meetings and other activities. A bigger change in my daughter was seen from not wanting to leave the house…. to showing excitement to go to school in just few days from the start of her expedition. Tree House lived to its expectations and performance and it is certainly a place I would recommend others wholeheartedly. Tree House is one of the must-to-go schools that can have a positive and welcoming change in every child’s life making them competent to face their primary education.
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PARENTS' TESTIMONIALSParent from Wadala Centre
Hello, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the center head of Mulund (East) Tree House. We have moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our son was a student of Tree House in, batch – 2012.
Our child was very slow in writing and learning, but after joining Tree House, he has made an excellent progress. Big thanks for helping my son in shaping so well. The Centre head at Tree House always encouraged and motivated our son. He was given equal opportunity in participating in various activities. After moving to UAE, we miss being in Tree house. The school is well maintained with good and hardworking staff. I appreciate their dedication and sincerity towards managing everything so well”.
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PARENTS' TESTIMONIALSParent from Mulund (East)