Our Curriculum reflects a combination of both methods.

The safety of children should be of prime importance. An ideal preschool should:

  • Be spacious and airy
  • Have separate washrooms for kids and teachers/support staff
  • Have emergency safety measures
  • Teachers should be trained in Early Childcare Education
  • Preschool, being a commercial activity, requires certain statutory permissions including a “Shops and Establishment Registration Certificate”. To ensure sustainability, it is essential to comply with these requirements. However, the municipal norms may differ from city to city.

We understand that selecting the right preschool is a big decision.

Refer to the List of Essentials to help you make the right decision.

Currently, preschools are not regulated by any education board. Each preschool is free to set its own curriculum and choose its own teaching methods.
Primarily two types of teaching methods are followed for pre-schoolers:

    • The Montessori – uses plenty of Tools and Equipment as an aid to teaching.
    • The Playway – places emphasis on Playing, Songs and Fun Activities..