• Attend the Parents orientation program held at the beginning of the year. This will help clear any doubts that you might have and also familiarize you with the rules and regulations of The TreeHouse.
  • Keep a copy of all receipts issued by the school. You are required to keep a copy of the receipt till the end of the year.
  • Ensure there is adequate balance in your bank account for the fee cheque to be cleared.
  • Participate enthusiastically in all events involving Parents.
  • Ensure your child reaches the school on time every day.
  • You need to send snacks and a water-bottle with the child every day.
  • It is compulsory for the child to wear his/her identity card and a handkerchief pinned to the upper clothing. The identity card should have the emergency contact numbers such as the residence telephone number and the parent’s mobile numbers.
  • The child’s name should be mentioned on the school bag, lunch-box and water-bottle with a permanent marker.
  • An extra pair of clothes along with undergarments needs to be sent along with the child everyday to school.
  • A child attending school should be made to wear simple footwear. No socks and footwear with lace allowed.
  • On all Fridays and Field Trips, all the children need to wear the ‘TreeHouse’ T-shirt which has been provided by the school.
  • On a pool-party day, the child should wear a swimming costume at home underneath the regular clothing and carry a towel with his/her name labelled on it.
  • Any delay in picking up the child after the class timings should be informed to the concerned teacher well in advance.
  • Parents should bring to the notice of the concerned teacher and the Centre-Head if the child suffers from any kind of allergy.
  • In case of Field Trips, parents will have to give a written consent to the school to send their child to the Field Trip. In the absence of a consent letter, the child will not be taken for field trip.


  • Do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell.
  • Only vegetarian food should be sent with the child for snacks. Also, any birthday cake sent to school should be eggless.
  • Do not send a new person to pick up the child. The school will not hand over the child to a new unknown person.
  • Parents should not let their child wear any expensive jewelry or articles to school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of the personal belongings of the child.