Preschool is a key stage in the development of a child. The main benefits are
  • Children develop self esteem and feel ready to take on the world.
  • Your child learns to socialise with peers.
  • Balanced Social and Emotional Growth along with motor skills, physical development and cognitive development
TreeHouse Advantages(We develop well-rounded children through our core focus areas which are:)
  • Building cognitive power
  • Developing motor skills
  • Creating new relationships
  • Nurturing creativity
Become a successful Kidsworld Franchisee
  • Best-in-class structured curriculum developed by our in-house curriculum development team
  • Trained teachers who are passionate about both teaching as well as nurturing children
  • Combination of Playway and Montessori methods offering a conducive method of learning
  • Affordable fee-structure
  • Admissions throughout the year and flexibility in choosing the term and batch
  • Regular feedback sessions with parents to keep you updated on your child’s progress
  • Healthy student–teacher ratio to ensure that your child gets individual attention
  • Convenience of location across many cities, making transfers easy and hassle-free